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Friday, October 30, 2009

New Seven Wonders in the World

Hi friends tasyazigy.blogspot.com my fans blog readers, I wanted to say thank you so much for your loyalty to keep reading and visiting my blog.
This time I want to talk and share a little about pengalamn so-called wonders of the world.
You've all surely know what is included into the seven wonders of the world?
To which unfortunately did not know it ...
Because the seven wonders of the world we have seen so many published through print media, or electronic, and for those who have forgotten ...
I want to reminder again ...
I want to know that the latest knowledge about the seven new wonders of the world, and Where the old magic? I myself do not understand.

Check this out....

1. Golden Gate in San Fransisco

2. Grand Canyon from South Western United States

3. Great Wall in China

4. Taj Mahal from India

5. Colloseum in Roma

6. Great Pyramid of Giza from Egypt

7. Chichen Itza in the South of Yucatan Peninsula Mexico.

Where Borobudur Temple? Is not recognized again that Temple

You know the seven wonders of the world that the old edition, but already there setting seven new world wonders and the more pathetic that Candi Borobudur in Indonesia there is no longer exist, due to the earthquake that hit Indonesia and destroy the building of Borobudur Temple as a member of seven wonders world.
Seven Wonders of the world has been updated and the real miracle in this world so much that I myself confused to know what is included the seven wonders of the world. For more details you can visit the official website thoroughly explore the seven wonders of the world.
Clik this link for more detail (wikipedia)

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Traditional Food Vs Modern Food

This time I will be posting all reveal about food traditional and modern foods that have been contaminated by western culture. I remember my friend because I speak english post he concluded that if I did not love my country's culture and country is Indonesia, but we learn to use the international language will make us more science and culture of Indonesia can be introduced more deeply with people abroad. Therefore, each time I made my paper would make about the culture in Indonesia, or the tourist places of Indonesia have, and now I want to introduce Indonesia as well as specialty foods from overseas who have become Indonesian citizens consume.

Now looked verry carefully to the difference of traditional foods with the food of Modern Indonesia

This first Tradisional Food Indonesia like Gado-gado from Indonesia at DKI Jakarta

1. Babad Gongso from Semarang

2. Nasi Goreng from Bandung

3. Soto Betawi from Jakarta

4. Gorengan

5. Coffe Joss from Yoyakarta

The Second change, food from Other Countries or Modern Food... Check This Out....

1. Apple Pie

2. Grill Pizza

3. D'Creeps

4. Choco Ice Cream

5. Hop Pop Drink

So show our love to the country with what we know about our country ...

It would be more useful for what has become typical of Indonesian state is no longer in claims by other countries.

Thank You So Much and I have a messages for all of your's....
Positive thinking to move forward for the future better.
Hopefully this post is useful for us all.
Amen ....

Jadi Makanan Manakah yang kalian pilih sebagai Warga Negara Bangsa Indonesia????
Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pangandaran Beach Tourism

You still remember the event of an earthquake in Pangandaran Beach? The event was also a lot of casualties ... 2 years ago I visited the coast of South Ciamis area of Pangandaran in West Java, was a lot of changes that occurred there in 2009 this year. In the past when the city after the earthquake destroyed Ciamis and surrounding areas, many mass graves.

But now everything changed completely, you want to know what changes and what places are cool for your vacation, do not worry I will disclose here.

Pangandaran beach today began to rise again and begin to cool to visit. There have started arriving tourists, both local and foreign tourists, the buildings and facilities are designed as in Bali, it's just that all prices far cheaper than in Bali to be more beneficial to visitors. Location Description: There's White Sand Beach, fish auctions and cheap natural resources, market trinkets traditional Pangandaran, Fishermen Association, hotels, and of course Nature Reserve is a very exotic, even when it has stood the latest in recreational named Water Park .

If you visit South Ciamis, not only Pangandaran Beach are worth your visit, there is also the place most cool Surfing name Batu Karas Beach, another beach is also there for example: Pantai Karang Nini and Batu Hiu Beach. In addition there are also beach another cool place that deserves your visit Green Canyon is there we can see the scenery of the river to the sea spread wide and the magical green water, the river is a waterfall that is very grand, if you browse the Green Canyon by boat.

Look this picture....
This is the picture of tourism in Pangandaran place.........

1. Sunset In Pangandaran Beach

2. Route Road to Batu Karas Beach

3. White Sand in Beach Pangandaran

4. Batu Karas Beach

5. Water Park in Ciamis Pangandaran

Hayo ...
So who wants to Pangandaran to vacation? I guarantee you will not regret it

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Culture in Indonesia

During in Indonesia independence was always colonized, I am very concerned to see the current situation, let alone our culture that is always on the claims by other countries.

Are my friends know all that culture in Indonesia many, why our culture is always stolen? you know the main causes? it is because we as young people can't preserve our culture, sometimes even we are not memorized and remembered all the diverse cultures of our country.

Let us learn our culture again with reading some of the knowledge which I will detail in this blog, and hopefully the information I write could be useful for us all, and of course by knowing our own culture, our culture would not be stolen and in other countries to admit more.

Names of the songs in Indonesia :
1. D.I. Aceh : Bungong Jeumpa
2. North Sumatra : Butet
3. West Sumatra : Malam Baiko
4. South Sumatra : Dek Sangke
5. Riau : Soleram
6. Yogyakarta : Pitik Tukung
7. Bali : Ratu Anom
8. Madura : Tanduk Majeng
9. South Kalimantan : Ampar-Ampar Pisang
10. Maluku : Rasa Sayang-sayange

Names of Regional Dance
1. Jambi : Sekapu Sirih Dance
2. Jakarta : Yapong Dance
3. West Java : Jaipong Dance
4. Southeast Sulawesi : balumpa Dance
5. Irian Jaya : Perang Dance
6. West Kalimantan : Sambas Dance
7. Maluku : Cakalele Dance
8. Bengkulu : Andun Dance
9. Riau : Lambik Joged Dance
10. Nusa Tenggara Barat : Batu Gandrung Dance

That's a little information from me of the information about the culture in Indonesia, I'll go back to sharing information about the Traditional Houses, Musical Instruments Regional, and National Song in next Topic.

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Earthquake rocked in Padang

I am saddened by the natural disaster occurrence in this of the year, continued to take turns one after another hit the World and even Indonesia.
Which accompanied the earthquake tsunami always haunt our people.
When does this end? Even nature is not just another friendly with humans, let us correct ourselves, protect our dear nature, to avoid disaster everywhere.
As news that appears on detik.com review of the Earthquake in Padang, Please read his review, may be useful for us.

Thursday, 01/10/2009 01:53 WIB
Victims Killed estimated will continue to grow
From : Laurencius Simanjuntak - detikNews

Padang earthquake rocked
The death toll from the earthquake that shook SR 7.6 West Sumatra is expected to continue to grow. This is because there are many victims trapped in collapsed buildings.

"Thousands of people trapped in collapsed buildings," said Head of Center for Crisis Ministry of Health, Rustam Pakaya via text message to AFP, Wednesday (30/9/2009) at 20:30 pm.

Final report at 21:30 pm, Vice President Jusuf Kalla said the death toll of 75 people.

Natural conditions do not support the evacuation process is carried out Basarnas. Some of the earthquake-affected areas reported heavy rains. Not to mention, dark conditions due to the demise of electricity is also increasingly difficult for the evacuation.

Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie said that even West Sumatra earthquake damage this time was almost equal to the damage in Yogyakarta earthquake in May 2006. Earthquake Yogyakarta, killing more than 5000 people.

"The damage is roughly the same as the earthquake in Yogyakarta, many houses destroyed," Aburizal said after a limited cabinet meeting related to the earthquake response

For more details please visit detik.com
Best Regrads

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