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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Traditional Food Vs Modern Food

This time I will be posting all reveal about food traditional and modern foods that have been contaminated by western culture. I remember my friend because I speak english post he concluded that if I did not love my country's culture and country is Indonesia, but we learn to use the international language will make us more science and culture of Indonesia can be introduced more deeply with people abroad. Therefore, each time I made my paper would make about the culture in Indonesia, or the tourist places of Indonesia have, and now I want to introduce Indonesia as well as specialty foods from overseas who have become Indonesian citizens consume.

Now looked verry carefully to the difference of traditional foods with the food of Modern Indonesia

This first Tradisional Food Indonesia like Gado-gado from Indonesia at DKI Jakarta

1. Babad Gongso from Semarang

2. Nasi Goreng from Bandung

3. Soto Betawi from Jakarta

4. Gorengan

5. Coffe Joss from Yoyakarta

The Second change, food from Other Countries or Modern Food... Check This Out....

1. Apple Pie

2. Grill Pizza

3. D'Creeps

4. Choco Ice Cream

5. Hop Pop Drink

So show our love to the country with what we know about our country ...

It would be more useful for what has become typical of Indonesian state is no longer in claims by other countries.

Thank You So Much and I have a messages for all of your's....
Positive thinking to move forward for the future better.
Hopefully this post is useful for us all.
Amen ....

Jadi Makanan Manakah yang kalian pilih sebagai Warga Negara Bangsa Indonesia????
Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads


Pentol Kramat said...

not sure about that...but the fact is my tongue doesn't like modern food, especially from western.....ha...ha...ha...

aanzp said...

Wah klo makanan q suka skali. bikin resep sambal bebek goreng yg has donk.....................?
postingan q yg foto kmarin memang q bikin sperti tu coz khusus tuk profil pemain.hanya dg tu aza isi singkat tpi mudah d pahami pembaca.
thanks sarannya

Tasya Zigy said...

Pentol Kramat : absolutly food from Western union like animal food's... wakakakakak.......

Aanzp : hahahaha... bikin resep sambal bebek memang blog qhu tentang resep makanan!!! wakakaaka.... oh gitu toh masalah blog mu... tapi sayangnya yang bukan anak bola kan ga bisa paham atuh euy...

to All Btw..thanks for your coment

secangkir teh dan sekerat roti said...

wah,, saya lebih suka soto,,,,!!!!

ada ??

tasyazigy said...

hai secangkir teh : saya juga suka soto... apalagi soto kudus em.... harum

Rattlenetwork said...

Salam kenal...gk da shout nya ya non?
Tinggalin jejak di comment ja deh..heheheheh

Rattlenetwork said...

Link dah terpasang nih....!!Gantian ya..!!!

The Rattlenetwork said...

Dah q ganti kok namanya....kasih shout dong...

Check linknya dmn nih?

The Rattlenetwork said...

Thanks ya dah add link....!!!met berkreatifitas...!!!

tasya said...

Rattle : ah... nama mu susah banget seh..... nama asli mu siapa????

heru said...

allow blogwalking nich

cumilebay.com said...

Babat gonsong kayak nya menarik banget, penasaran euy :-)

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