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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tips to Enjoy Your Hobby

Recently I saw people who were fishing in the river, precisely at the Depok campus of the University of Indonesia territory. Apparently a lot of men who are hobby fishing. I really like to see them because peace can be found from there. Moreover when I saw them get the fish, they look very happy, because to get the fish from the fishing is not an easy thing takes more needed patience.

What I want to tell here is not about the fishing hobby. However, on the fishing environment, it is very sad and makes me feel annoyed, if you know what? The answer is because the garbage around my neighborhood enjoying my hobby a lot of trash fish are scattered and an eyesore. Not only on land alone, but in it's rivers and lakes are surrounded by garbage, and that makes me more angry I can't do anything. I can only do so little to no follow-up trash fishing around my place or wherever, because I had promised myself to be more concerned with the environment.

So my message to my friends all let us keep the natural environment around us to stay clean, sustainable and comfortable. In order for us all to avoid all kinds of natural disasters caused by floods. For example waste that often hit and had to be subscribed in the region JABODETABEK, look at other countries that are maintaining a healthy environment, must have seen the country so comfortable and beautiful. Let's start from ourselves to always throw trash in the trash. Hopefully these tips can remind time we are with a healthy lifestyle and care of our environment.

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Monday, November 16, 2009

Makanan Bebas Kolesterol

Kalian tau tidak Kolesterol sangat membahayakan kesehatan dan dalam jangka panjangnya dapat menyebabkan kelumpuhan!!!
Wah...Pokoknya penyakit ini terkadang tidak di sadari oleh sebagian orang, apalagi  kaula muda yang aktif dan "jetset".... hati-hati ya...untuk kalian yang sering wisata kuliner, bukannya tidak boleh akan tetapi kita harus sigap memperhatikan kandungan gizi dan lemak yang ada dalam makanan...
Penyakit Kolesterol faktor penyebab utamanya adalah makanan yang sangat tidak terkontrol yang masuk dan di konsumsi tubuh, dan tidak adanya keseimbangan pengeluaran energi alias kurang olah raga....
Sehingga asupan lemak berlebih dan menumpuk, asupan lemak itu bisa menjadi Obesitas dan Bisa juga Kolesterol tinggi....
Memang biasanya penyakit ini menyerang para usia lanjut, usia 40 tahun keatas, tapi jangan salah anak muda juga bisa terserang kolesterol tinggi.
Marilah mulai dari sekarang untuk kawan-kawan muda mulai memperhatikan asupan makanan dan menerapkan gaya hidup sehat.
Tips yang akan saya berikan adalah beberapa makanan bebas Kolesteroldan dapat menurunkan Kolesterol, simak baik-baik dan mungkin dapat kalian catat dalam buku agenda kalian.
1. Bubur Gandum (Oatmeel)
2. Kacang Almond
3. Ikan yang tanpa di goreng
4. Temulawak
5. Bawang Putih
6. Bawang Merah
7. Seledri
8. Tempe
9. Bayam
10. Buah Anggur, Apel, Tomat dan Blueberry

Lalu dari mana anda tahu gejala bahwa anda memiliki kolesterol???
Gejala yang paling mudah di rasakan adalah Sering Pusing, Sering Gelisah tanpa sebab, Sakit pegel linu pada persendian dan otot-otot kaki, Obesitas, Sering sesak napas, Keringat dingin...wah pokoknya banyak deh...gejala-gejalanya....
Makanya jika kalian mulai merasa badan kalian sering terasa tidak nyaman segeralah periksakan kandungan darah kalian ke Laboratorium Rumah Sakit agar dapat diketahui apakah kalian memilliki kadar kolesterol tinggi atau tidak.
Seperti iklan di Televisi mengatakan "Periksakan kadar Kolesterol anda sebelum terlambat"
Semoga postingan kali ini bermanfaat untuk kalian semua.

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Friday, November 13, 2009

Really Resurrection in the World is Near?

Television news in the world makes some people very nervous. Preaching Resurrection? Panic that only can be parted from some of his citizens of the world, but of course panicked big question mark whether the world's population is true or not?
Resurrection is a science that was implanted and in some people believe the religious world, and it was recorded in some some religious scriptures, then why do these days a lot of reviews about the Resurrection.
Is it true or not, considering the time the end of the world often in talking about people will arrive in 2012?
Then a question mark about the approaching end of the world, makes us afraid and hopeless in this life? I wondered what to do with this news, television news in the case of the Resurrection.
Then how does the opinion of many, including all of you, faithful blog readers. Of course many already signs that the division of news seekers, whether it's a case that should be mandatory, or will make us become discouraged or even just become so much more to do good and increase our faith we are prepared for the religious kiammat supposedly he was near time.
The world population began to find out about all of this truth, would be in the division and the said, only God knows everything that will happen.
Let us pray that everything's fine and always protected by God.
Please leave your comments about the Apocalypse is getting closer and useful advice for all people in the world.

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spam Creative Design from Arifblog

Hi friends, I want to tell you about creative Spam my friend make in this years. He's really creative, certificate for passing the image-rich virtual worlds such as for follow up this blog and his rank blog traffic, so cool and creative, that's indirectly .... the spread of SPAM that does not mean it is better this way ... so good job friend.
Since he was a friend of my blog, it must award certificate image that has given me just make posts, for solidarity, friendship in this virtual world, because these virtual worlds are not very familiar with space and time, whenever and wherever we can be friends with millions and million people who loved, like, and fans this world on virtual world.
But remember my messages for all of you loved this virtual world, do not make your self autism, and apathetic because of this virtual world, do you understand???
Because in we life any there real world.... and of course needs our energy and thoughts so we can get creative in this virtual world. My blog buddy Arif, thanks for the Certificate of appreciation.

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Friday, November 6, 2009

Make Money in facebook Game

Hey you know what, if this is a good facebook user?
I'm sure you already know that ...
Where lies the comfort of this facebook?
I will give my little opinion on facebook comfort, especially for my own ...
I think facebook increasingly stretched in Indonesia for an exciting game with ...
But although in Betha format and still be categorized experiment, but the fans verry happy make facility on facebook.
So at facebook not only update the status, but any the game features in the facebook.
Facebook game is no less exciting with the usual java game we play or even online games.
Eits don't mistake ... from this facebook game we can make real money ....
I do not believe it at first, but it is true...
Want to know how to facebook game can make money?
While you're browsing facebook with your friends while you can also play games on facebook you like's.
Although not directly online, you can collect a lot of coins and coin games that you've got can you sell to your own friends or the sale of coins, and than you can exchange in add coin and chas or you can sell with your friends at facebook.
How do you all interested in the facebook game? if he please just try to play on facebook. Lets try game facebook right now.....

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

Monday, November 2, 2009

Resident Traffic Jam In Jakarta

Dear God ... more and more residents in Jakarta this ...
Always stuck everywhere, ang anywhere headaches ...
When I wonder the streets of Jakarta's many and wide but still filled with vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorcycle, and the worst is bajai polluting smoke and sound.

If you are like that, which occurred in Jakarta and how we act as good citizens?
With this increase in vehicle production, stately buildings and the mall continued to squirm, making Jakarta more severe views of population growth is not evenly distributed and more pollution, floods are familiar to the citizens of Jakarta's more an endless traffic jam ...

From this incident who could we ask for accountability the answer?
So what should we do as a citizen who did not have the authority evenly untuh industrial processes in rural areas and reduce the pollution left behind ...
What do you think a friend of my posting this time?

Created By : Tasya Zigy
Best Regrads

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