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Friday, November 13, 2009

Really Resurrection in the World is Near?

Television news in the world makes some people very nervous. Preaching Resurrection? Panic that only can be parted from some of his citizens of the world, but of course panicked big question mark whether the world's population is true or not?
Resurrection is a science that was implanted and in some people believe the religious world, and it was recorded in some some religious scriptures, then why do these days a lot of reviews about the Resurrection.
Is it true or not, considering the time the end of the world often in talking about people will arrive in 2012?
Then a question mark about the approaching end of the world, makes us afraid and hopeless in this life? I wondered what to do with this news, television news in the case of the Resurrection.
Then how does the opinion of many, including all of you, faithful blog readers. Of course many already signs that the division of news seekers, whether it's a case that should be mandatory, or will make us become discouraged or even just become so much more to do good and increase our faith we are prepared for the religious kiammat supposedly he was near time.
The world population began to find out about all of this truth, would be in the division and the said, only God knows everything that will happen.
Let us pray that everything's fine and always protected by God.
Please leave your comments about the Apocalypse is getting closer and useful advice for all people in the world.

Created By : Tasya Zigy
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miEz haNeM said...

WORlD rESURrEctIon??


Knowledge Behavior said...

I hope not be this years... uhm... atut... kiamat woi.. pada tobat yuks

cottie said...

Me? Want to be famous?
hhahahhahaaha... I don't think that is the right reason to be someone's follower. but hey.. let's exchange link, if you want..

nice to meet you too

smallniceblog author

cottie said...

udah ngelink


the sun shine said...


Knowledge Behavior said...

Haduh kawan saya pusing neh...blog saya sepi pengunjung bagai mana dunk???

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