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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spam Creative Design from Arifblog

Hi friends, I want to tell you about creative Spam my friend make in this years. He's really creative, certificate for passing the image-rich virtual worlds such as for follow up this blog and his rank blog traffic, so cool and creative, that's indirectly .... the spread of SPAM that does not mean it is better this way ... so good job friend.
Since he was a friend of my blog, it must award certificate image that has given me just make posts, for solidarity, friendship in this virtual world, because these virtual worlds are not very familiar with space and time, whenever and wherever we can be friends with millions and million people who loved, like, and fans this world on virtual world.
But remember my messages for all of you loved this virtual world, do not make your self autism, and apathetic because of this virtual world, do you understand???
Because in we life any there real world.... and of course needs our energy and thoughts so we can get creative in this virtual world. My blog buddy Arif, thanks for the Certificate of appreciation.

Created By : Tasya Zigy
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ARIF'S said...

link udah aku ganti friend.......

Willyo Alsyah P. Isman said...

wah piagam nya bagus ya..

Pleasurable_Pain said...

Ah... thanks for commenting me. I can't understand many of the comments on your blog. I'm not familiar with your language. I have to admit I do like many of your posts but would like to read what other people have to say. Your blog is interesting. Congrats, it seems you've mastered Blogger. I'm a beginner and kind of lost. <. _ .>

Ipin said...

selamat yah dapat piagam nya tasya..buat aku mana nihhh..

Tasya Zigy said...

Arif : ok Nanti aq cek balik.

Wilyo : Ya syukur deh... tapi bukan aq yg buat, tuh arif yang buat, minta aja sama dia.

Pleasurable Pain : Thanks a lot for your compliment

Kang Ipin : hahahaha... minta sana sama Arif, aq se belum buat yg begituan...

BangJo said...

Kunjungan balik,..keep blogging,sob :)

Tasya Zigy said...

Bang Jo : saya sudah kunjungan ke blog kamu

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